Friday, 7 August 2020

 Pastor Royal Idakari and family, our new co-pastor at Port Harcourt Independent Baptist Church

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Yenagoa site for new church plant: foundation complete for building

8th Anniversary service, Igwuruta Independent Baptist Church (our 3rd church plant):
295 attendance, 31 saved  (March 22, 2020)

First service of New Grace Independent Baptist Church, Ahoada:  33 attendance, 10 saved
(March, 2020)

April 2020
Dear Fellow Laborers,    

“The people which sat in darkness saw great light…” ~ Matthew 4:16

The darkness of sin, superstition and false doctrine is all around us here in Nigeria, and what a joy it is for us to shine the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ to those who are sitting in that darkness.  So far this year, over 2,500 people have seen that light and trusted in Christ as their Savior through all of our church plants and ministries.  In March a new church was planted, the New Grace Independent Baptist Church, in the town of Ahoada, about 90 minutes from us in Port Harcourt.  They had 33 in their first service and 10 were saved.  We feel this church has great potential to be a lighthouse for the Truth there in Ahoada, and are praying for God’s strength and provision for them.  I was also invited to preach for the 8th Anniversary service of the Igwuruta church plant on March 22.  God’s hand of blessing was upon us that day as 295 were in attendance, and 31 responded during the invitation to receive salvation.  Continue to pray for God to strengthen Pastor Elvis and bless the church in Igwuruta.

Since the ending of March, the government of Nigeria has put restrictions on public gatherings because of the COVID 19 outbreak here, and because of that we are now practicing “social distancing” and putting our services online, as many of you have been doing.  We are still able to go soul winning (taking the necessary precautions), however, and lately it seems people here are even more open to the Gospel as a result, and we are seeing an increase of souls saved. At least we can praise the Lord for that!

Other Prayer Requests…
1.      God’s protection for us and our people.  The medical facilities here in Nigeria and most of Africa are really lacking compared to the rest of the world, so if the epidemic gets worse here, it could be devestating.
2.      God’s provision for us and our people.  The economy was already bad before the outbreak, and this will only make it worse.  We are doing all we can to help the needy in our churches, but we need your help and prayers.
3.      Furlough on hold.  Because of the worldwide impact of this epidemic, we had to change our plans concerning our scheduled furlough.  Instead of travelling in May, we are now postponing our furlough until August or possibly even next year. Please pray for God to give us wisdom.
4.      Yenagoa.  In spite of everything, we were able to make some progress there for a new church plant, and have completed the foundation for the building (see  We are praying now for God’s provision for the floor and walls.

Thanks you so much for being faithful in your support and prayers to help us “send the light” to Nigeria!

                                                                 Yours for His Service,

                                                                  David, Rose & Justin